Are these really the best Masters in Finance courses in the U.S.?

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Later this week, we'll be releasing our updated rankings for the top Masters in Finance courses for careers in trading and elsewhere in investment banking. In the meantime, the hitherto unheard of website TFE Times has produced a US-based ranking of its own. 

This ranking puts MIT's Masters in Finance top of the list, followed by Princeton's, followed by Vanderbilt's and the Master of Science in Finance at the Olin Business School at the University of Washington in St. Louis. 

TFE's top ten MiF courses are listed below. The preeminence of the MIT course in the U.S. seems undisputed - it regularly ranks on all pre-experience Masters in Finance lists, along with Olin. But Vanderbilt, South Carolina and others look more dubious. Equally, the course at Simon Business School is designed for working professionals as opposed to recent graduates, suggesting the courses on the ranking might not be interchangeable anyway...

Watch this space for our own ranking. In the meantime. let us know if you agree or disagree with the list below in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

Photo credit: Craig Sunter

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