Deutsche Bank is doing something drastic. Do you have the right personality for programming?

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Deutsche Bank has adopted the same aspirations as Barclays. So it would seem from the German bank’s announcement, ahead of its strategy meeting today, that it plans to cut costs to 70% of revenues by 2018 and to 65% by 2020 – the latter being exactly similar to Barclays’ cost aspirations under Antony Jenkins and Bob Diamond before him.

Unfortunately, and as Daniel Schaefer, finance editor of Handelsblatt, points out, that 65% cost target looks like a big ask. In the second quarter of 2015, the cost ratio at Deutsche Bank was 85%. As the chart below, from Bloomberg, shows, costs at Deutsche are higher than at any rival firm. No wonder John Cryan says many bonuses at the bank will be zero this year. Bloomberg also reports that Deutsche is cutting 26,000 jobs. However, 'only' 9,000 jobs are being cut on a net basis and the others are to disappear as part of asset disposals.

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Separately, now that it’s cool to get out of banking and do a coding course, it might be worth checking you have the right personality for coding first. ‘Research’ reportedly shows that the best coders are intelligent,introverted, conscientious, and open to new things. They are not agreeable. And they are not neurotic.

Tech Cutting Costs At BNP Paribas (Reuters) 

BNP Paribas will be using big data to trim costs in its investment bank.

HSBC Hiring In Leveraged Finance (Global Capital)

HSBC has hired two leveraged finance people from Deutsche.

Nomura Has Excellent Q3 (Financial News)

Nomura’s investment banking revenues just surged 52% in its third quarter and it had the best quarter in five years.

PE Firm Kind To Employees Despite Loss (New York Times) 

Carlyle just made a loss but its distributable earnings (which it disperses among employees) were up 55%

The Difference in CEO Pay (Twitter) 

Jes Staley is worth this much more than Antony Jenkins.

Staley Moving To UK (Reuters) 

Jez Staley will be moving his family to England.

ETF Bubble (WSJ)

There may be a bubble in leveraged ETFs.

The Cowboy Returns (Dealbreaker) 

Jon Winkelried, the ex-Goldman banker who could have been CEO but became a cowboy is back.

Why Winkelried Left Goldman (Fortune) 

A reminder of why it was that Jon Winkelried left Goldman Sachs. (Fortune) 

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