The lewd ladies of Deutsche Bank?

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The hitherto unthinkable has happened: a man has sued a bank for sex discrimination.

Bloomberg reports that Konrad Joy, the former chief operating officer in the global risk department at Deutsche, has successfully brought a claim against the German bank for making 'stereotyped assumptions of how a man behaves' and thereby discriminating against him.

Most damningly, Joy had argued that Deutsche's London office had a "ladette culture" in which it was standard for female employees to instigate conversations on personal issues. One had informed him she was thinking of having breast enlargement surgery. Another said she was having an affair.

Deutsche sacked Joy for allegedly discriminating against the women in question. However, the judged ruled that Deutsche's female witnesses, who had accused Joy of commenting about a woman's breasts and holding salacious conversations in the office, were guilty of embellishment and had, "no difficulty in using swearwords".

Earlier reports claimed that Joy was earning £1m at Deutsche and was suing the bank for £20m ($32m). Deutsche settled the case on confidential terms. The case could create a precedent for other male bankers who feel they've been mistreated by boisterous female colleagues.

Joy hasn't been employed since leaving Deutsche in 2013 and is currently self-employed in Essex, UK, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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