The 100 best universities to attend if you want to work in fintech

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Fintech recruits are not taken from the same pool of candidates as those working in front office roles. Yes, there's an increasing contingent of senior bankers and traders launching their own fintech start-ups, but the legions of technologists working in banking or fintech are cut from a different cloth.

Using the eFinancialCareers CV database, which includes over 1.2m resumes globally, we sought to find out which universities produced the most financial technologists. We found the total number of people from each the top universities across the world on our database and then enquired about the proportion of those people working in a financial technology role to come up with the ranking below.

Surprisingly (or not), the Indian schools won out, well matching India's position as a country very capable of information technology. And these three Indian schools, the Indian Institute of Technology in three different locations, are also the only three universities in the ranking that have over 20% of their graduates working in technology, meaning more than 1 in 5 graduates from these schools are working in fintech.

The fact that no American schools made into top 10 is probably the most surprising finding of this research. In fact, the highest ranking American school here is Carnegie Mellon University, but it only ranks 21st and has 12.41% of its graduates working in fintech.

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