Senior credit banker quits job, becomes blogger

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What do you do when you lose your job in credit these days? You probably don't go straight out and find a new one - most banks had a terrible second quarter in credit and are now looking at cutting rather than hiring. This might be why one big name in the sector has opted for journalism instead.

Suki Mann, the 'star credit strategist' who left UBS in March, has resurfaced as chief writer and chief 'credit market strategist' at Credit Market Daily, a daily blog written by no more than Suki himself.

Mann's first and only post, out today, is on the outlook for rates and corporate bonds in the wake of the problems in China. Put briefly, he predicts that rates are now on hold and that corporate bonds aren't as unloved as they looked a few months ago,

Mann's blog is worth a follow. He was head of credit strategy at UBS for six months and head of head of European credit strategy at SocGen for nearly fourteen years.

His new role is likely to bring various lifestyle advantages. Mann is now based in Cambridge, where we presume he lives and will have the freedom to write in his dressing gown. It's unlikely to replace his banking income, however. Mann is now offering his opinions for free.

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