So, this is what Tom Hayes' former assistant at UBS is doing now

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Now that Tom Hayes has been remonstrated for 'succumbing to temptation' and sentenced to 14 years in prison for rigging LIBOR, we suspect some of his former colleagues might be feeling a little uncertain.

The Financial Times points out that Hayes was charged with conspiring with 25 other people to set rates, of whom seven -  Mike Pieri, Simon Oddie, Mirhat Alykulov, Roger Darin, Joachim Ruh, Rolf Keiser and Yugo Matsumoto - worked for UBS when Hayes was there. However, only one of those 25 (Darin) has been charged, in the US. It's not clear whether the others will be, or what their involvement in Hayes wrongdoing - if any - was.

Where are they all now? A brief trawl of the internet suggests most have sunk into welcome oblivion. Except Alykulov, who is gainfully employed in Japan, where he's spent the past three years working for Nittan Capital, a derivatives broker in Tokyo.

Alykulov was Hayes' assistant at UBS. In 2013, his name was included on an indictment against Hayes, which was later withdrawn. While Hayes is languishing in a cell, Alykulov seems to be getting on with his career and having fun. He is also recorded as a 'crossfit athlete' and has been participating in executive fight nights (which you can see him discussing here).

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