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How to ace the analyst application and interview process at J.P. Morgan

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Are you about to apply for a 2016 analyst job at J.P. Morgan in Europe or Asia? Are you wondering what, exactly, the application and interview process entails?

We’ve spoken with Maura Smith in the EMEA campus recruiting team at J.P. Morgan about the steps you’ll have to go through over the next few months if you want to start as a full-time analyst next year.

Smith also provides some tips on what type of questions you’ll likely to face at J.P. Morgan graduate interviews. This is what you need to know before you apply:

What’s the application and interview timeline for 2016 analyst jobs at J.P. Morgan?

The deadline for online applications is 4 October 2015 in APAC and 18 October 2015 in EMEA. In EMEA interviews will then be conducted on a rolling basis, starting in September and concluding by December, so it’s important to apply early. The first interview rounds in APAC are in October, with the final ones in November and December.

What’s your online application process like?

All candidates should apply via our careers website: You’ll be required to fill out an application and submit your resume/CV online. We encourage you to review the application requirements clearly as there are differences in our various regions.

Before you apply, review your resume/CV – triple check to ensure it’s grammatically correct and that you’ve included everything to showcase your greatest strengths. For example, include internship experiences and leadership examples on or off campus. Academic achievements are also very important, so please indicate your current overall grade. You don’t need to submit a cover letter, but EMEA students will answer motivational questions as a part of the application.

Do you also ask about personal interests on the application?

Yes – we want to understand more about you, such as what you do in your free time. Investment banking is a people and relationship business and we like to hear about how you are a well-rounded person who is engaged not only academically but has wider interests as well. Everyone has attributes that make them unique and we like to hear about your individuality.

Successful applicants then go to a first round of interviews – tell us about those

The interview process differs by region, but generally speaking first-round interviews will consist of meetings with junior bankers, either in person or on the phone. Junior bankers have recently been through the interview process themselves, so they know first-hand what characteristics and skills are important to be a strong performer. It’s also a great chance for you to ask questions to someone who has recently been in your shoes.

They will ask you about what is on your resume/CV, about your internship experiences, and about your involvement with extracurricular activities on and off campus. Additionally, they will probe on your ambitions and reasons why you’re pursuing a career in investment banking. Typically, there will be one or two first-round interviews each lasting about 30 minutes. Know what is on your resume/CV and be prepared to tell us in detail.

What can candidates expect in second-round interviews at J.P. Morgan?

In the second rounds, we’ll typically host a ‘superday’ consisting of three to five interviews with senior bankers. They will not only deep dive on what’s on your resume/CV, but they will also want to know what drives and motivates you – what keeps you going. They’ll want to understand how you can contribute to the team and what valuable skill sets you have that will play a part in J.P. Morgan’s success. Additionally, they will explore further your potential and fit into their team and within the organisation.

Prior to the interviews, sit down and think about why you really want to pursue a career in investment banking. Know what your skills sets are and understand how you can contribute to the team. You may be asked about your life experiences so be prepared for that as well. All in all, be prepared for anything!

Doing up to five interviews on one day is a lot. Are you also testing how well candidates can handle pressure?

Absolutely, we test candidates in various situations which they may encounter on the job. By interviewing with multiple people we are able to have a consensus regarding your candidacy, while also providing you with access to bankers from multiple groups.

EMEA candidates then go to a J.P. Morgan assessment centre. What does that involve?

In EMEA, you’ll be invited to a half-day, final-round assessment centre. You’ll be given an investment banking case study and you’ll need to present it to a senior banker in a one-to-one setting, having had some time to prepare. You’ll then experience a series of competency-based interviews that cover a wide range of topics including – but not limited to – motivation, teamwork, analytical thinking and commercial acumen.

AUTHORSimon Mortlock Content Manager

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.