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How do you leave investment banking and leave former colleagues gushing in your wake?

“This guy is good. – Off the charts good.”

No ordinary banker

How do you know if you're doing a good job in banking? Maybe you will come to hear some of the words and phrases used by former colleagues in the encomium celebrating Sajid Javid's great and lustrous banking career.

To many in the U.S. Javid is a relative unknown. But the recently-installed business secretary in the UK government spent 20 years in banking and worked in London, New York and Singapore, both at Deutsche Bank and Chase Manhattan. And by the sounds of things, he is sorely missed.

A former colleague at Chase in NYC says Javid was introduced to him as, "Off the charts good."  The man was: "Like a priest in a suit...disciplined as they come. Very methodical, spotless." Another Chase colleague gushes that Javid was: "very creative, very energetic, and a very likable guy”.  He was driven, but not "aggressively ambitious," which is good in an industry where most people are rabidly self-promoting.

Put simply, a US-based economist says Javid was just, "very, very clever." Not only that, but Javid was good at, "crisis situations." Most interestingly for anyone trying to make their way in finance, we are informed that he was an "avoider of conflict," "an internal thinker" and someone who could negotiate Deutsche's, "political waters."

Ultimately, however, Javid left banking. These days he's negotiating political waters for real, but if you aspire to rise to the top in finance feel free to use him as your role model.

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Quote of the Day:  

“I know I’m a big fat cat, plutocrat kind of guy, but I will tell you I’ve been the beneficiary of some of these redistribution policies. Sometimes I wish I had amnesia, because there’s lots of things I’d like to forget, but that isn’t one of them,” Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein on growing up in public housing and getting a need-based scholarship to Harvard.

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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