Man leaves Barclays to become famous DJ

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What with the long, long hours worked by investment bankers, you might think having a life outside work would be impossible. You might also think that being a professional DJ on the international club scene would be as feasible as levitating across the Thames.

Generally, you would be right. But there are always exceptions.

Andrew (Andy) Purnell has spent time as both an analyst in Barclays securitized product strategy group and a DJ for Milkshake at the Ministry of Sound, Kinky Disco, Love Dough and MTV.

Having kept the two gigs running in tandem for two years from June 2013, he recently decided to give one up. Banking had to go.

Since then, Purnell's Twitter feed suggests he's been pretty prolific. Last Saturday he played no fewer than three sets. On Friday he played at a club night with MTV. The weekend before that he was playing at Kinky Disco in Lincoln and to 'a bunch of U18s' from the US in Switzerland.

Professional DJs can be very well paid. According to Forbes, some are earning millions. Purnell seemingly has no intention of becoming a starving artist. Five weeks ago, he wrote on Instagram that: "Over the last couple of years, I've learned that ? really isn't the most important thing... BUT as long as earning enough of it allows me to have experiences in places like this, I'm gonna stay on my grind!!! ?."

From now on, any grinding will not be happening in the City.

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