SAC Capital is coming back to London (possibly). What happened to all its ex-staff?

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Remember SAC Capital? Remember Steve Cohen? (Remember Steve Cohen's pig?) Financial News reports that Steve Cohen's new(ish) family office Point72 is considering having an "on the ground presence in London".That might come as good news to SAC's ex-traders, some of whom are at other hedge funds, some of whom aren't.

At least two of SAC's former finest are now to be found at London-based Carrae Capital, set up by Ali Akay, who previously ran SAC's biggest book in Europe. Akay is CIO at SAC. He's also employed Plamen Dokov, a former SAC equities trader.

A handful of other SAC traders followed Lia Forcina to BlueCrest. Forcina is still at BlueCrest according to the FCA Register. So too are Jonas Schwinn and Thibault Nardin, the two ex-SAC traders who followed her there in early 2014. 

Another two ex-SAC traders are at French fund manager Carmignac Capital, which lured across Muhammed Yesilhark as head of European equities and Malte Heininger (a former SAC fund manager and male model).

There's a large cluster of ex-SAC traders at Moore Capital Management, which has rehoused ex-SAC portfolio managers Louis Villa, Atallah Estephan and Alexi Papaconstantinou along with ex-SAC trading administrator Jackie Knific and ex-SAC personal assistant Bianca Pereira.

Some have gone back into banking. Massimo Amati, a former global macro portfolio manager at SAC is now an executive director on Credit Suisse' global macro team. 

And some have tried things that are entirely different. Siro Perez, a former pharmaceutical analyst at SAC, has reinvented himself as a life sciences entrepreneur  Ken Ginsberg, SAC's former COO in London spent three years working for his own cookie company, 'Ken & Jesse's cookies,' but is now chief operating officer of Kola Capital.

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