Bluecrest Capital Management is hiring from banks again

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For a moment, we were worried – Bluecrest Capital Management, the hedge fund hovering up all the investment banking traders, had been on a hiring hiatus. Now, it seems to have restarted.

Even better, it's managed to sway someone back to the buy-side who had retreated to the relative safety of an investment bank following a reconnaissance of Millennium Capital Management.

Hakim Khadira joined Bluecrest earlier this month as a portfolio manager on its quantitative equity trading desk. This follows a stint of just nine months working as a quant trader at Citigroup, a role he took up after leaving Millennium Partners where he worked on short-term systematic trading for three years.

Meanwhile, Pierre Jouet, an interest rate swaps trader at BNP Paribas, signed up to Bluecrest as a portfolio manager in July. A Maths graduate from Cambridge, Jouet has spent his entire trading career – or the last seven years – at BNP Paribas.

Last year, Bluecrest was frequently hiring traders from investment banks as it went on a hiring spree within its London office. More recently, however, former bankers who switched across to Bluecrest – such as David Craggs, a former Deutsche Bank managing director and Ben Lewis, who spent 15 years at the German bank before going to the buy-side – have departed.

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