21 year-old FX trader claims to make $40k a month

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Can you really make $40k a month trading FX when you're 21 and have dropped out of college? Forgive us for sounding skeptical, but it sounds unlikely. On the other hand, Navinder Singh Sarao....

The latest 20-something self-confessed day-trading prodigy is Elijah Oyefeso, a 21 year-old who is 'senior portfolio manager' at Gecth & Co, a company that seemingly teaches people how to trade. Oyefeso has come to the world's attention after his, 'gold Lamborghini and Bentley Continental' were written off in a '$695k crash' at the weekend. "Afterwards, I just started laughing," said Oyefeso, who reportedly dropped out of the University of Buckingham in the U.K.to trade full time.

Oyefeso's Twitter feed reveals that he has a busy social calendar which includes visiting schools and going to church. Therein, he also lambasts people for studying economics at university and earning $70k a year. He also says trading isn't as simple as it looks: "Everyone thinks it's easy, they don't know the amount of work you put in. The sleepless nights and long days."

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