$150k starting salaries for ‘directionless kids’

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In case you needed any further confirmation that bright young graduates lured into investment banking earn vastly more than their peers - or that money doesn’t equal happiness – here’s a new report on 27 entry level roles and their pay.

A 22-year-old investment banker called ‘Lynn’, interviewed anonymously, says that total compensation comes in (at the upper end) at $150k. Yes, this is good, but when you compare it to what other fresh graduates are earning, it appears obscene. Fashion journalists are earning $22k, chemists earn $35k and even doctors are bringing in a relatively paltry $54k.

Does this mean that trainee investment bankers are basking in their new-found wealth. Not exactly. "No one I know in investment banking is really happy. It's something that smart but directionless kids looking for prestige or the stereotypical money-chasing kids do,” says Lynn

Compare this to the fashion reporter scraping by on just $22k: “I want to make my passion a reality and work in a career field that I truly love and want to work in for the rest of my life.”

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