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This is what it takes to get a job at J.P. Morgan in China

We've already looked at what it takes to become an analyst at Goldman Sachs in China. Now we're doing the same for J.P. Morgan. Surprisingly (or not), publicly available CVs suggest the two banks are interested in hiring very similar young people.

These are the universities to attend if you want to work for JPM in Greater China

As with Goldman Sachs, you don't need to attend a Chinese university to work for J.P. Morgan in China. Fang Fang, the former head of J.P. Morgan's investment bank in China now works with the Institute of Global Economics and Finance in Hong Kong (part of the Chinese University of Hong Kong). Unsurprisingly, J.P. Morgan hires from there, but it also hires from the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, along with Beijing University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Outside Hong Kong, J.P. Morgan's favoured universities are the usual global suspects. Chinese hires have graduated from Cornell, Harvard and Chicago. They've also graduated from the London School of Economics and Oxford. Tommy Zheng, who works as an analyst at JPM's Hong Kong office in leveraged finance/DCM graduated from the Otto-Beisheim Graduate School of Management in Germany.

These are the degree courses that will get you a job at JPM in China

What should you study if you want to work for JPM? Economics and finance were the most popular subjects in our 36 person sample. Maths, engineering and science degrees are also popular.

There are outliers: Liuqiao Yin who is now an associate on the risk management desk, majored in English at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Jianlin Zhong, who works in IBD as an analyst studied philosophy at Amherst College in the US. Both supplemented their liberal arts courses with another subject. Yin studied finance and Zhong studied mathematics.

Only one person in our sample had an MBA: Hongyi Zhang, who graduated with an MBA from Vanderbilt University in the US. He now works in IBD for J.P. Morgan in Beijing.

You’ll need an internship to get into JPM in China 

Most of our sample had completed one to three internship experiences on average before joining JPM. Chenglong Han, an analyst working in Hong Kong in the IBD had eight internships before starting to work full-time at JPM.

Normally young graduates do internships at financial institutions, but Sherrill Shurui Lu, an analyst in Hong Kong IBD did her first internship with China's central TV station, doing editorial jobs for an Asia-focused program. She's the only one in our sample who had an internship totally outside the finance industry.



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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.