This Deutsche Bank job encapsulates the strangeness of contemporary banking

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Deutsche Bank is looking for someone, and not just anyone. An advertisement for a role at its ever-expanding Birmingham office suggests that the German firm is looking for someone to join a team that specializes in psychological operations.

As the German bank (along with most others) attempts to reform its culture and suppress vulgarity and boastfulness in its investment bank, it's trying hard to to reform its culture. To this end, Deutsche wants a 'specialist in values and beliefs integration'. 

What does this mean exactly? The successful candidate will, " the Values and Beliefs Integration Lead embedding the values and beliefs among other elements in all people practices, in administering the Co-CEO Living the Values Award and hosting the Global Culture Ambassador Network," says Deutsche.

What are the values and beliefs of Deutsche Bank? 'Launched' in 2013, they encompass integrity, sustainable performance, 'client-centricity' innovation, discipline and partnership.

How will the values and beliefs be inculcated? Deutsche says it's producing 'values and beliefs learning materials,' and, 'integrating the values and beliefs into identified people practices in language, structure and enablement.'

What does this mean exactly? Your guess is as good as ours. One thing is certain, however: banks like Deutsche are deadly serious about changing their cultures. If you work for a leading bank now, you will be subject to some heavy psychological manipulation. Whether it works or not is a moot point, but you'd certainly better behave as if it does.

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