J.P. Morgan's attempted LinkedIn ban is more comprehensive than we thought

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Last week we reported upon a rumour alleging that J.P. Morgan had asked some of its staff to tone down their profiles on LinkedIn. At the time we thought this might be spurious given that J.P. Morgan's employee guidelines wholeheartedly embrace LinkedIn and other social networks. Apparently not.

Thanks to a tip-off in our comments section, we now understand that Dana Deasy, the global head of technology at J.P, Morgan has been sending out memos requesting that employees state no more than their names, their corporate title and a generic description of the bank they work for (J.P. Morgan) on their LinkedIn profiles. At the risk of control freakery, it seems that Deasy has even added some mandatory wording of his own. He's also banned any form of endorsements - seemingly given or received.

J.P. Morgan declined to comment on the alleged Deasy memo, which may or may or may not be enforceable.

"Next step will be to control everything that employees do or say at home as well as work," says the tipster.


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