This Citi leveraged finance analyst has exceptional experience as a waiter

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It's a mantra among graduate recruiters to say that any kind of work experience can be relevant to banking, if only you spin it right. Did you spend your summers at university working in a gift shop? -Stress how you made the small-items-stock-system run more smoothly. Did you spend three months working for Burger King in your home town? - Point out how you found a more efficient method for heating the buns.

When it comes to holiday catering experience, however, some young bankers have bigger names on their CVs than others. Take Maximilian Lawson, a leveraged finance analyst at Citi.

Lawson’s LinkedIn profile suggests he’s done more than the standard circuit of local eateries and fast food takeaways. His summer catering experience was gained variously at The Ritz, Claridges and the Royal Room during the Wimbledon Tennis tournament. Only the best employer brands…


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