Bridgewater launches new hedge fund unit; Freddie Mac, Deutsche Bank quietly hiring

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In the latest hiring roundup, Bridgewater is recruiting quants, Freddie Mac is adding displaced traders and Deutsche Bank is quietly hiring in New York.

Bridgewater hiring brainiacs

The world's largest and most secretive hedge fund is building a new unit to help create more sophisticated trading algorithms. Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates is creating an artificial intelligence group that will consist of around a half a dozen staffers to start.

Small shops hiring debt traders

The mass exodus from fixed income by large banks has created opportunities for smaller firms that are now hiring. Piper Jaffray, Janney Montgomery Scott and Stifel Financial have been growing their staff.

Freddie Mac quietly adding staff

The new bastion of safety for displaced Wall Street traders: Freddie Mac. The taxpayer-backed mortgage giant has been hovering up talent as it quietly makes wagers despite shedding assets.

Bloomberg alternative is hiring

Symphony, a new instant messaging platform supported by Goldman Sachs, is hiring, particularly in the US. Here’s who they are looking for.

DB hiring in NYC?

While Deutsche Bank is expected to cut back its investment banking headcount globally, it appears to be adding staff in New York.

Citi adding private bankers in Dubai

Citigroup is hiring and relocating private bankers to the Middle East, mostly in Dubai.

JPM hiring in Germany

Dorothee Blessing, J.P. Morgan’s new vice chairman of investment banking in MENA, sees Germany as a new growth area for the firm.

UK PE firm staffing up

A former LDC executive has launched a new private equity firm, Mayfair Equity, and has already poached four of his former colleagues.

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