Want to work in investment banking? Here's who else does too

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What kinds of people want to work in investment banking? A new study of 14,300 British adults by YouGov reveals the precise profile of banking aspirants by age, gender, political affiliation and social class.

As the charts below show, aspiring bankers are more likely to be right wing, male, young, and (comparatively) posh. They are also more likely to live in London (36% of Londoners want to be bankers versus 24% of people in the 'rest of the south'.)

Notable is the fact that most people don't want to be bankers. Even among Conservative and UKIP voters, 58% and 62% respectively said they had no urge to become a banker.

If people don't want to be bankers, what do they want to be? Authors, apparently. Or librarians. 

Political affiliation

Aspiring bankers by gender

Bankers by age

social class


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