The personification of physical perfection was working for Goldman Sachs

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The Wall Street Journal today features a profile of Mehra “Cactus” Raazi, a former salesman at Goldman. While the article is ostensibly about Raazi's new role as the 'frontman' for Tradeweb Markets, the WSJ instead devotes much of its copy to extolling Raazi's extreme physical allure and general coolness.

"Tall and athletic, with chiseled features, a neat crop of salt-and-pepper hair and a taste for custom motorcycles, he sometimes sports an ascot with skulls on it or a leather wristband featuring silver skulls. He practices the combat sport muay thai and has a stake in a lower Manhattan late-night burlesque club, The Box," gushes the Journal. "During a sales pitch, Mr. Raazi, who is Tradeweb’s head of credit for North America, often wears a slim-fitting Italian suit and skinny black tie, motions breezily over heavily produced screenshots and uses plenty of eye contact," it adds.

Raazi left Goldman in 2011 for Nomura. When he worked for the firm, we're informed that, 'he used a rubber exercise ball on the trading floor to keep his abdominal muscles in shape.'

[efc_twitter text="You don't have to be gorgeous with extraordinary abdominal strength to work for Goldman Sachs, but it may help. "]

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