Five exciting new finance firms that could hire you in 2015

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In order to stay ahead in your job search, it’s worth knowing emerging, boutique firms that have scope to expand. In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority keeps a record of all new companies and we’ve scoured the database to bring you the most interesting firms to be given the go-ahead in November. Not all will be hiring, but it’s likely that at least some will be expanding.

1. Cadence Investment Partners:

A boutique investment manager focused “intrinsic value” investing in London set up by a number of former Martin Currie portfolio managers. Keith Donaldson, the former head of Japanese investments at the Scottish fund manager, James McKay, the ex-head of Asia, Richard Evans, the co-head of the Asia fund and Stewart Higgins, who spent 23 years at Martin Currie latterly managing its European portfolio, are all partners at the Cadence.

2. Force Over Mass Capital:

Bang on trend, Force Over Mass Capital is a fund set up by former HSBC credit trader Martijn De Wever and Theo Osbourne, who has a background in a travel company, that provides funding to emerging fintech companies. It’s been running since the middle of last year, but has just been given the thumbs up by the FCA.

3. Intermeade Investment Management:

A global equity fund management boutique set up by ex-Artisan Partners portfolio manager Barry Dargan, Intermeade Investment Management reportedly already has $1.35bn in client commitments. It’s also been hiring – bringing in six new members of staff including Darren Cannon, the former chief operating officer at Martin Currie, who takes the same role at Intermeade.

4. Square Mile Investment Consulting and Research

A firm set up in January by consultancy and fund management big hitters like Richard Romer-Lee, its managing director and directors Nigel Whittingham, David Pickles, Mark James and Jason Broomer, Square Mile has been building its team and now has seven staff, which is not insignificant for a start-up. It specialises in research and consultancy and has been expanding throughout 2014.

5. Westport Capital Partners UK

Distressed debt fund manager Westport Capital has made a foray into Europe with a new London office. Stephan Woodard heads it up, but is so far the only UK based employee. This could change next year.


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