New firms launch in London, New York; Millennium continues to hire

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In the latest hiring roundup, Millennium continues to add talent, new firms launch on both sides of the pond and Santander is expanding in London.

Hedge fund hiring in the UK

Millennium Management is continuing its expansion drive in the UK, hiring senior traders, researchers and portfolio managers from several big banks and from buy-side competitors.

New London investment firm launched

Former Goldman Sachs exec Atanas Bostandjiev has launched his own emerging markets investment firm. He has already signed up 17 staffers, including two ex-Goldmanites. Elsewhere, former Deutsche Bank trader Hal Lehr is starting up his own hedge fund in New York.

Goldman’s new office

Goldman Sachs is investing $200 million in a new campus in Bangalore. You can expect thousands of new hires, but likely not until 2018, when the build is finished.

Santander adding bodies in London

Spanish bank Santander is expanding its UK corporate finance team in London. The team just made two new hires, and has been slowly growing since its establishment in 2012.

Big seats need filling

Charles Stanley and RBS have hired headhunters to fill their top roles. RBS needs a new chairman and Charles Stanley is on the lookout for a new CEO.

Yup, Schroders wants eggheads

Schroders said earlier this month that it is changing the archetype of its ideal salesperson, from a fast talker to a more educated number-cruncher. It is indeed following that philosophy, hiring two former professors as senior advisers.

ETF units remain hot

Blackrock and Deutsche Bank have been adding to their exchange-traded fund businesses in recent weeks.

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