Morning Coffee: M&A hiring to happen here. 24 year-old banker confesses to sleeping in shower

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This is a good time to work M&A and equity capital markets. While colleagues are being replaced by computers and shopping in Lidl, the fortunes of M&A and ECM bankers are supposed to endure (says Deutsche Bank). And yes, banks are hiring M&A bankers and capital markets professionals as we speak.

Jefferies is the latest bank to announce that it wants some more 'investment banking professionals.' Fresh from divulging a 45% increase in investment banking revenues and a 583% increase in overall net earnings, the diminutive investment bank is feeling a bit bullish. But it's not feeling that bullish. It's not hiring investment banking professionals willy nilly, but will be recruiting them "modestly," says chairman Brian Friedman. It might even be doing some "selective" hiring on the "trading side." Why would you want to join Jefferies? It pays big cash bonuses, of course.  However, it also retracts them if you leave within a year.

Separately, a 24 year-old private banker with the generic name of 'James Turner' told the Evening Standard that he gets up at 5am every morning for work but is compelled to catch up on sleep by napping in the shower. Who said private bankers work less hard? M&A bankers may have something to learn.


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