Morning Coffee: 2014 analyst bonuses fall to a mere $55k, UK hedge fund bonuses slip by £127k in two years

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Investment banks junior recruits receive their bonuses in August, not January in line with their more senior colleagues and numbers are now starting to leak out. Generally, investment banks are hiking up base salaries for junior bankers – Goldman Sachs has reportedly followed the lead of Morgan Stanley and hiked first year analyst salaries by 20% to $85k – but bonuses are not matching this.

Careers website Mergers & Inquisitions has just found out the numbers for this year and they are exactly in line with 2013 – namely, $55k. First year analysts in top tier banks received $55k, it says, second year analysts $70k (again flat on 2013) and those in their third year got $90k.

With the exception of 2009, when first year bonuses were $45k, 2013 and 2013 were among the worst years for first year analyst bonuses. Second year bonuses haven’t budged for three years.

This isn’t a case of simply drumming down investment banking pay for analysts. Junior bonuses could easily match or exceed salaries in the pre-crisis days, but as banks have been hiking up base salaries for analysts, bonuses are a proportion of overall pay are less important, it seems.

However, figures from data provider Emolument suggest that the situation is a whole lot worse for those in the mid-ranks of UK hedge funds. In 2014, average bonuses were just £8k, it claims, down from £40k last year and a huge drop from £135k in 2012.


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