Ex-Goldman Sachs partner and senior banker at BAML also happens to be a personal trainer

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If you're feeling a bit wobbly ahead of this summer's appearance on the beach, you might want to contact Manya Klemper, the ex-Bank of America Merrill Lynch derivatives marketer who now runs a personal training company. If Klemper's not available, you could always try an alternative from BAML's roster of fitness fanatics, like, for example, Luigi Rizzo its current head of EMEA M&A.

In an article extolling the competitiveness and general brilliance of BAML's EMEA M&A leadership, Financial News discloses that Rizzo is also a "qualified personal trainer." More to the point, we understand that he's a 'level three personal trainer and a CrossFit and Kettlebells coach.'

It's not clear whether Rizzo is both qualified and practicing, but either way his personal training credentials are both impressive and incongruous. Before joining BAML last year, the 43 year-old Rizzo spent 20 years at Goldman Sachs.  Rizzo's FCA record shows that he left Goldman in May 2013 and joined BAML in August, implying that he didn't have much time to take any personal trainer qualifications.

Nonetheless, it's nice to know that if and when Rizzo retires from banking, he could make £90 an hour helping City workers to stay in shape. Every good banker should have an exit plan.

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