Career Crunch: The reality of private equity, can you still get rich in banking?

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Banking: is the lifestyle still worth it?

Crazy pay packets are now much rarer in banking, so are the crazy hours really worth it?

Meet the new candidates KPMG is actively looking to hire

KPMG wants people who can managed outsourced functions, or know about big data, as well as having strong networking skills.

An honest account of working in the ‘promised land’ of private equity

Bankers are clamouring to get into private equity for perceived riches and a better lifestyle, but this may not be the reality.

Local finance professionals in Singapore think expats enjoy lavish benefits; they don’t

Expat packages are as common as noodles in Singapore, right? Well, actually, no – they’re going the way of the dinosaur.

Parsing pay in consulting, banking, hedge funds and PE

A guide to the riches on offer in the various facets of finance.

The six hottest jobs on the buy-side right now

You might be missing a trick by not switching to the buy-side, but where are the jobs?

Goldman Sachs jobs: this is what the bank really said yesterday

Goldman Sachs has increased headcount this year, but here’s a breakdown of its intentions around hiring going forward.

How investment banks are targeting fintech talent

Investment banking technology is not cool. Here’s how the banks are remedying that.

The raw, funny truth about being a trader in the US, Europe and Asia

One trader-turned-comedian gives his unique take on working in the financial sector.

Seasoned investment bankers impart wisdom to incoming analysts

What if you had some sage advice from bankers who had seen it all even before you started in the industry? Well, here it is.

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