UK hedge funds step up hiring; boutiques winning poaching war

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In the latest hiring roundup, a London hedge fund eyes global expansion, boutiques are poaching from big banks and one regulator needs to hire hundreds.

Calpers needs a CIO

It’s only one opening, but it’s a big one. Calpers, the largest public pension fund in the US, is hiring a new chief investment officer. No network needed. Just send your resume to their recruiter.

One door closes, another opens

The Ziff Brothers have now shut down their hedge fund officers in New York and London after losing their top portfolio managers. David Fear, head of ZBI’s London office, is launching his own firm. He’ll be hiring many of staffers from his old firm, but will likely look at other candidates as well.

Losing hedge fund still hiring

AKO Capital lost tens of millions last year, but it’s still hiring. The London-based hedge fund has eight more people working in research than it did a year ago. It also just hired to people in administration roles.

100 new hedge fund hires

Winston Capital Management wants to recruit 100 people for new offices in London (Hammersmith), New York, Tokyo and Sydney. The firm wants to become “an international investment manager,” according to its CEO.

Compliance hiring spikes, again

Some banks and hedge funds are hiring “50 to 60” compliance staffers at a time, led by the likes of JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup. Because of this, salaries are skyrocketing, including for people with less than two years of experience.

Italian bank expanding presence abroad

Mediobanca is hiring ex-investment bankers from Barclays as it tries to reposition itself as a boutique.

Economists apply here

Investment banks are scouring competitors, central banks and academia to find economists who can help them develop stress-testing models.

Small advisers poaching from big banks

Boutique advisors Robey Warshaw Associates and Zaoui & Co. are hiring…mostly from Morgan Stanley. Fellow boutiques Moelis & Co and Greenhill & Co. are also having success, so keep your eye on them.

SEC needs 640 more staffers

The SEC has “immediate and pressing” needs for more examiners who oversee and investigate financial advisors. It plans to hire as many as 640 new employees all together.

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