Are you a summer intern in an investment bank? Can you write (anonymously) about your experiences?

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It's that time of year. We're looking for three summer analysts to write this year's eFinancialCareers intern diaries. 

We don't mind where in the world you're based, but you must be able to:

- Write fluently (or fairly fluently) in English.

- Write engagingly about what it's really like to spend the summer working in an investment bank.

- Deliver at least 300 words of copy once a week!

In return, we will pay you a small stipend for your efforts and will offer you the (immense) pleasure of communicating directly with our audience of bankers and would-be bankers. Ideally, we're looking for three diarists in total - one who works in an investment banking division (IBD), one from a markets job, and one from an infrastructure role.

You won't need to say who you are, or the bank you're working for. You will need to write interesting diaries that bring your experience to life.

If you think this sounds interesting, get in touch. We're at Send us an email with 'Intern diarist' in the subject line.

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