“I was managing a $100m hedge fund, and then I became an alcoholic. Is my career over?”

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"I'm a prop trader. I have around nine years' experience of managing small absolute funds worth between $80m and $100m and I can say - with some degree of pride - that the funds I managed never had a negative month. Between 2006 and 2012, we returned an average of 15% annually.

Unfortunately, however, I was compelled to take time away from the industry. For various reasons, I started drinking drinking heavily in 2012 and found it difficult to concentrate on the markets. Rather than continue in that state, I took time out and got well. I'm sober now, but I have no job.

I want to get back into the industry, ideally in Asia - probably in Singapore or Hong Kong. I've already started learning C# and plan to start learning Python soon. I'd like to work on a prop desk at a medium-sized hedge fund, where I can contribute both to idea generation and trade execution - but in reality I'd be happy to work anywhere where I have the opportunity to grow. I can work across multiple asset classes and I've learned from my mistakes.

So, what are my chances? Does anyone have any advice? Have I blown my career in finance? Should I mention my previous drinking problem to prospective employers? I'm a humble, able guy - not some cocky trader with delusions of grandeur. Any help would be much appreciated."

*Saul Gorman is a pseudonym. Leave your advice for him below. Get in touch at Editor@eFinancialCareers.com if you have questions you'd like to put to the eFinancialCareers community. 

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