The jobs Citi, UBS, GS, DB, JPM and Barclays need to fill, in six easy charts

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Where are banks hiring as we enter the second half of 2014? Which are the jobs that every firm is releasing onto the market in such numbers that finding the staff to fill them is like recruiting a vegan army in McDonalds?

Globally, technology and compliance are the bulk hiring areas for banks in 2014. Front office recruitment - into markets and corporate finance jobs - is fractional by comparison.

The charts below are based upon the jobs Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and UBS, are advertising on their own careers sites now. Although inevitably biased towards the back office roles which make up the bulk of banks' recruitment and are most commonly advertised to the general public, they show a clear trend for technology and compliance hiring at every major bank American and European, investment banking-focused and universal.

While tech and compliance hiring are a consistent theme, there are interesting discrepancies between banks. UBS, for example, seems to be focusing disproportionately on sales and trading hires - despite having pulled back from fixed income sales and trading in 2012. Corporate finance recruitment at Deutsche Bank seems to have dwindled away as the bank focuses on retooling its fixed income business.  Barclays, by comparison, is doing some comparatively heavy hiring in corporate finance after promising to shrink its sales and trading business from now.

At Citigroup and JPMorgan, the appetite for technologists is accentuated by each banks' massive appetite for technology staff to support their operations worldwide - neither bank offers the opportunity to break out technology jobs for the investment banking business alone. At UBS, technology roles are investment banking specific. In terms of the sheer volume of open vacancies, JPMorgan's technology business is the place to send your CV to - the U.S. bank has over 1,800 open technology positions globally. It's not surprising that JPMorgan is paying millions to upgrade its offices so that they look more like Google's.

Citigroup 2

Total number of compliance, technology, securities trading, research and investment banking jobs on offer at Citi: 1,679 (compliance 242, technology 1,322, sales, trading and research 90, investment banking 25).

Vacancies at UBS

Total number of compliance, investment banking, sales and trading and technology jobs on offer at UBS: 308 (compliance 82, investment banking 43, sales and trading 54, technology 129).

Vacancies at Goldman Sachs

Total number of compliance, equities, FICC, IBD and technology jobs on offer at Goldman Sachs: 296 (compliance 57, equities 26, FICC 21, IBD 37, technology 155).

Vacancies at Deutsche Bank

Total number of compliance, corporate finance, global markets and technology jobs on offer at Deutsche Bank: 309 (compliance 61, corporate finance 5, global markets 50, technology 193).

Vacancies at JPMorgan

Total number of compliance, investment banking, sales and trading and technology jobs on offer at JPMorgan: 1,837 (compliance 384, investment banking 95, sales and trading 80, technology 1,837).

Vacancies at Barclays

Total number of markets, investment banking, compliance and global technology jobs on offer at Barclays Investment Bank: 136 (markets 5, investment banking 36, compliance 36, global technology 59).

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