Career Crunch: 20 hot skills banks want now, is the CFA really worth it?

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Are you aware of the hot skills that financial services recruiters are desperate seeking currently? If you don't possess them, fear not, as it's still possible to reinvent yourself and relaunch your career. Oh, you are also advised not to quit before searching for a new job. These, and other top news and advice, comprised the top stories on eFinancialCareers this week.

Twenty skills to list on your banking CV if you want a job now

Do you possess the right blend of skills that are both in-demand and in short supply?

Just don’t quit: It’s never been harder to find work as an unemployed banker

It might seem like a good idea to throw in the towel and look for a new opportunity, but recruiters are more wary of unemployed bankers than ever.

“I am completely burned out and my head feels like a watermelon.” To CFA or not to CFA?

The 300 hours of study required to pass each level of the CFA can leave candidates feeling rather hollow. Is it all worth the effort?

The banking careers now deemed to have a bright future in Singapore

Jobs are being created in Singapore’s financial sector, but it’s the more complex sectors that have better prospects. Where should you be working?

Eight methods for reinventing your financial services career

A move from the back office to the front may be near impossible these days, but it doesn’t mean you’re stuck. Here’s how to change your career.

An unlikely refuge for senior traders and bankers

Senior FIG bankers and fixed income traders are turning up at this bank, which you may not expect.

Critical career mistakes that could crush your chances of promotion in Asian banking

Promotions will be decided upon in the final part of 2014, so here’s how to ensure you’re in contention.

When it’s wise to bite the bullet and use a recruiter

It’s not always wise to rely on your own steam for finding a new job. Here’s when to reach out to a recruiter.

Who have Goldman Sachs, JPM and Morgan Stanley hired for their 2014 MBA summer associate programs?

It’s not just analysts trying to impress investment banks this summer, a host of MBAs are also attempting to secure a full-time role, and the stakes are higher.

How to get a graduate job at JPMorgan, by the bank’s EMEA head of campus recruitment for banking and markets

JPMorgan’s head of graduate recruitment gives the low down on how to get into its investment bank.