Can you answer the hardest question from the GCSE maths exam?

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Today was the GCSE maths exam today. If you're not based in the UK, GCSEs are the exams taken by students aged 15-16. Only if you complete your GCSEs can you go on to A Levels. If you can't get an A in GCSE maths, you will probably never be an investment banker.

The exam was allegedly difficult. And this was allegedly the hardest question. Can you answer it? Can you answer it in two minutes maximum? Answers, and workings, in the comments box at the bottom of the page please.

'Tom travels from a to b and at a speed of 90km per hour. It takes him time 't'.  Alice travels from a to b at a speed of 70km per hour. It takes her time 't+ 1 hour'.

How long did it take for Tom to complete his journey?'

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