Ten shrewd questions that will tell you whether you're in the wrong career

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Are you doing the right thing with your life? Do you dream of escaping banking and living in a sustainable city with a loft apartment and a single gear bike?  Or are you fine where you are?

A new box set from the therapeutic and philosophical 'School of Life' in London purports to pose 100 questions that will help you establish whether you on track with your career, or whether you're positioning yourself for regret, cynicism and abandonment of your ideals.

We've looked through the box. These ten questions (some are admittedly statements) seem to us to be the most pertinent. Read them, vote where we've added polls, and let us know what you conclude about your current position below.

1. If life were 400 years long, what careers would you want to have had?

2. What did school help to kill in you? What would you want to correct about your school or university education?

3. Failure was defined in my family as...

4. Which of your talents is the world in danger of overlooking?

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6. Write down six jobs that you would ideally like to do. What patterns do you notice?

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8. If all jobs were paid exactly the same, what job might you be newly attracted to?

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10. How would people ideally respond when you told them what you do for a living?

After careful consideration of these questions (and statements), what's the likelihood you'll still work in finance in five years' time?

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