Leading indicator for M&A hires: Langbourn Partners, new M&A search boutique, is born

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The emergence of new headhunting firms is usually a good indication that recruitment is picking up in a sector. A few years ago, fixed income search firms were engaged in frantic meiosis in London. Now, there's a small sign that M&A search firms might be doing the same.

Nathan Luckas and Tom Nalder, both M&A headhunting veterans in the City, have formed Langbourn Partners, a new (seemingly two man) search boutique. They declined to comment on the new venture, which was launched this April. Nalder previously spent eight years at Hammond Partners. Luckas was previously at Kinsey Allen, Principal Search and OCL Partners.

The two men are clearly hoping that M&A hiring will pick up this year. So far, 2014 has been an excellent year for mega-deals, technology M&A and deals involving European acquirers. However, with the exception of UBS most banks seem focused on adding junior M&A staff rather than experienced rainmakers.