What kind of person gets a graduate job at JPM and migrates almost immediately to Goldman Sachs?

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How do you start your career at one preeminent investment bank and move swiftly on to another without pausing for breath or making a journey of self-discovery to the Indonesian archipelago? Try emulating someone like Michele Cancelli, a graduate of Bocconi University in Italy who has done just that.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority register shows that Cancelli joined Goldman on May 1st. Prior to that, he spent just over one year in a registered position at J.P. Morgan. Before that? He was training for a year at JPM and before that he was a masters student at Bocconi University in Italy.

What makes someone like Cancelli so hireable? Goldman didn't immediately respond to a request to comment. But it probably helps that he has a masters in quantitative finance from one of the best recognized finance universities in Europe. It probably also helps that he scored full marks (110/110) in her Masters exam.

And Cancelli has the added advantage of having completed a course in econometrics, fixed income and finance and decision theory at Wharton. At Goldman, he's an associate in exotics and hybrids structuring - the same role he held at JPMorgan.

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