Career Crunch: Common fibs of finance recruiters, how to ensure you pass the CFA

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Banks in Asia are offering their staff 'laughter yoga' to improve their well-being, top tips for the upcoming CFA exams and other top stories on eFinancialCareers over the past week. Take a moment to catch up.

Signs that recruiters are not being truthful with you

How can you tell when a recruitment consultant is being economical with the truth?

The 10 commandments for succeeding at CFA exams

The CFA requires over 300 hours of study for each level and has a success rate of under 40% at level one. Here’s how to ensure you make the grade.

Non-Ivy League schools that can help you get a job in asset management

Obviously, hedge funds and long-only asset managers hire from the Ivy League, but here’s a guide to some more surprising institutions they also tend to fish from.

The ‘laughable’ new way that Citi and HSBC bankers in Hong Kong are boosting their careers

Forget mindfulness or meditation, banks in Asia are keeping their employees happy through ‘laughter yoga’.

The top five best paid jobs in risk management globally when you have five years’ experience

Risk remains incredibly hot, but pay still lags the front office. Here are the positions that pay over six figures.

An indication of what Goldman intends to do with pay and hiring

Goldman Sachs has given its annual update on its strategic direction. What should you expect to happen to compensation and recruitment?

Ex-BNP Paribas managing directors launch new hedge fund

Gerardine Davies, who at one stage in her career was one of the most powerful women in investment management, has re-emerged in the City after a two-year break.

Awkward questions that JPMorgan suggests asking in interviews with CS, UBS, BNP and Barclays

JPMorgan has released a large research report into prospects for investment banking this year. If you’re interviewing at these institutions, here are some probing questions to ask.

Take inspiration: These five investment bankers are going it alone

A number of senior investment bankers have given up their day jobs to launch their own venture.

Investment banking tech guru quits and starts own firm

Kirat Singh was responsible for some of the biggest investment banking tech projects of the last ten years, but you’ve probably never heard of him.

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