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Forty 'easy' banking jobs that pay £100k+ salaries after 5 years

Raining money in the middle office

It's the Holy Grail: a job in banking in which you won't have to work yourself half to death but you can still earn a six figure salary (plus a bonus) before you're too embroiled in procreation and family life to enjoy it. Does it exist? Maybe.

We've scoured the most recent financial services salary surveys from Astbury Marsden, Hudson, Robert Half, and Robert Walters. Below, we've listed the jobs mentioned on these surveys which pay up to £100k ($168k) - or even more, to people who have five years' experience in non-revenue earning roles. We've left out 'heads of' and senior managerial positions - the jobs below are mostly middle office banking jobs that may involve some management, but they are usually about the role itself.

Please note that the figures below are for salaries only: when bonuses are factored in, total compensation is likely to be around 20% higher. Please also note that these are top end salaries - not everyone will be on £100k fixed pay after five years, but some will.

Of course, these jobs are not exactly 'easy' and you will certainly need a degree and maybe also a Masters or PhD to achieve them, but they are generally several steps removed from the grind of working in M&A, the early mornings of trading, or the client entertainment-carousel of sales.

1. Quantitative developer: Up to £132k

2. Compliance advisory professionals (sales and trading): Up to £130k

3. Qualified actuary in the insurance industry: Up to £130k

4. Project manager, market and credit risk projects: Up to £130k

5. Compliance advisory professionals (IBD): Up to £125k

6. Business analyst for finance projects: Up to £120k.

7. Product controller: Up to £120k

8. Internal audit: Up to £120k

9. Regulatory reporting: Up to £120k

10. Valuations/Independent price verification: Up to £115k

11. Energy trading and risk management solutions project managers: Up to £115k

12. Financial management accountant:   Up to £110k

13. Project manager, compliance:  Up to £110k

14. Financial control: Up to £110k

15. Financial reporting: Up to £110k

16. Finance business partner/decision support: Up to £110k

17. Financial planning and analysis: Up to £110k

18. Market risk management: Up to £110k

19. Prime brokerage risk management: Up to £110k

20. Market risk metholodgy:  Up to £110k

21. Model validation:  Up to £110k

22. Senior technology business analyst: Up to £107.5k

23. Technical architect: Up to £105k

24. Operational risk (Front office): Up to £105k

25. Quantitative risk analyst: Up to £104k

26. Network architect:  Up to £103k

27. Business analyst, front office projects: Up to £100k

28. Operational risk (Group function - scenario, loss of data etc): Up to £100k

29. Operational risk (Capital modelling): Up to £100k

30. Risk consultancy: Up to £100k

31. Regulatory risk: Up to £100k

32. Market risk business analyst: Up to £100k

33. Credit risk control: Up to £100k

34. Credit risk (hedge funds): Up to £100k

35. Credit risk methodology: Up to £100k

36. Credit risk business analyst: Up to £100k

37. Credit risk (leveraged and structured finance): Up to £100k

38. Credit risk (natural resources): Up to £100k

39. Compliance oversight (CF10) and money laundering reporting (CF11): Up to £100k

40. Working for the regulator: Astbury Marsden says the average salary for all levels in regulatory roles is now £79k (plus a £16k bonus). On this basis, we surmise that a six figure salary after six years in a government department that regulates the finance industry is no longer out of the question.

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AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.