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Morning Coffee: How to get a bond strategy job at Blackrock. Deutsche Bank ordered to reinstate £3m rates trader in exactly same role

If you're looking for work as a bond-focused fund manager and you don't want to risk your chances with cat-happy Bill Gross over at Pimco, why not try Blackrock? Bloomberg reports that the fund management firm has just hired Barry Knapp from Barclays to oversee a new strategies team for its active bond unit. Knapp, who will join Blackrock later this year, will reportedly build a thematic strategies team focused on identifying major structural themes and their related investment opportunities.

Knapp's long experience (he used to work for Lehman Brothers and has worked for Merrill Lynch and Fidelity Investments) is seen as a boon in an environment where interest rates are expected to rise and fund managers under 30 have no adult experience of a rising-rate environment. Other bond old-timers may want to knock on Knapp's door soon.

Separately, Bloomberg reports that Deutsche Bank has been commanded to give the Frankfurt-based Euribor traders it was obliged to reinstate in November precisely the same jobs they had before. The traders were dismissed by Deutsche in February 2013 for the suspected manipulation of Euribor rates, but the German bank was ordered to reinstate them by German courts nine months later. During the court proceedings in November, it emerged that that Deutsche had paid the two MD-level rates traders bonuses of €2.7m and €780k, while two more junior traders received bonuses of €200k and €180k. The MDs and juniors also received salaries of €264k a year and €130k a year respectively.

Despite re-employing the four men, it seems Deutsche didn't give them precisely the same positions that they held prior to their allegedly wrongful dismissal. The German bank is contesting the court's decision, but has now been obliged to give the men their exact jobs back while the appeals process continues.


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