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Meet the two sources that outed @GSElevator

The story of John Lefevre, author of the infamous @GSElevator Twitter account, has been a fascinating one to follow. The latest chapter is no less disappointing.

Media outlets had chased Lefevre’s shadow for three years, with the pressure intensifying 10-fold when it was announced that he was penning a tell-all book. But only one person nabbed him: Andrew Ross Sorkin from the New York Times. How’d he do it? The man behind the Twitter account has his theory.

Lefevre told the New York Observer that Sorkin had two sources. The first, “obviously,” was Goldman Sachs, according to Lefevre. While he never actually worked at Goldman, a fact that spurred Simon & Schuster to cancel his book deal, Lefevre was offered a job at Goldman in 2010 – one that was later revoked.

It certainly made sense for Goldman to lend a hand in outing Lefevre, whose tweets shined light on the fraternal and money-obsessed culture of banking, but also sullied Goldman’s reputation to some degree. The bank launched an internal inquiry at one point to try to flush out the identity of @GSElevator.

If Goldman did have a hand in assisting Sorkin, they weren’t afraid to enjoy it, if only for a second. The official company account tweeted: “Guess elevators go up and down” soon after Lefevre’s book deal was squashed. (It is now back on through a different publisher). A rather stunning, and admittedly funny move from such a buttoned-up corporation.

The second source who snitched to Sorkin was Lefevre’s ex-girlfriend, believes the 34-year-old former bond executive. “Mr. Sorkin is best friends with my ex-girlfriend’s father,” he told the Observer.

That breakup came back to haunt him.

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