The highest-paying compliance jobs globally

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Compliance professionals in financial services are hot property. Such is the unfulfilled demand that in Asia, banks are turning to unemployed or burned out traders to fill compliance roles and compliance candidates are negotiating dramatic pay increases from current employers who want to prevent them from leading. In the U.S., compliance professionals can supposedly name their own price.

Is this the reality? Well, no, at least not according to the raft of salary information available from financial services recruiters. Salaries are on the up, pay is good, but compliance professionals are not achieving the sort of pay that will allow them to retire to their own private islands within ten years.

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We’ve scoured through the 2014 salary surveys of recruiters Robert Walters and Robert Half to give to an idea of the highest paying compliance positions around the world. Figures have been converted into U.S. dollars for ease of comparison. Anti-money-laundering (AML), it seems, is a good place to be. The figures below don't include bonuses.