Here's how much you can earn as an associate in M&A, city by city

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Thanks to recruitment firm Dartmouth Partners, we already know how much you can earn as an analyst working in investment banking in the City of London. But how much can you earn one notch up, as an associate?

Emolument, the real time salary and data specialist (as it likes to be known), thinks it has the answer. It's gathered salary and bonus data for associates working in New York, London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Singapore, Paris and elsewhere, and assembled the following chart. The figures given are the median pay points for associates in M&A, and may therefore be lower than typical associate pay figures, which tend to reference the mean. They also cover all associates, from years one to three - during which time pay is likely to vary widely.  Unsurprisingly, pay for associates is far higher in New York and London than elsewhere.

If you're an associate in M&A, let us know whether the figure in the chart correspond to your pay, or not.

M&A Associate pay, New York, London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Paris, Singapore, Zurich, Milan, Madrid 

Emolument associates

Source: Emolument 

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