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Crispin Odey is having some issues with his £140k hen house

Remember Crispin Odey's special hen house? Back in September 2012, the colonaded construction caused outrage when it emerged that Odey was building an edifice better suited to the local squire than some bantam hens.

Nineteen months later, it seems the elaborate hen house is not yet a fait accompli. Odey has been having some issues with his anathemion.

What's an anathemion? For everyone who doesn't have one, it's an 'an ornamental design of alternating motifs resembling clusters of narrow leaves or honeysuckle petals.'

The plural is anathemia. Odey's hen house has several, so technically he has issues with his anathemia.

You can see the anathemia on Odey's original plans below. Initially they were to be made of pressed zinc. Now they're to be made of 'carved local Forest of Dean stone to match the walls of the building.' The change appears to have delayed the hen house's completion and necessitated an amended planning application on Odey's behalf. 

Such are the tribulations of being one of the UK's top hedge fund managers. Fortunately, the anathemia don't seem to have distracted Odey from his day job: the Odey European fund was up 25.8% last year, while the Odey Absolute Return fund was up 45%. Financial News points out that Odey is hiring.  He's just poached Simon Schafer, a former technology analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Crispin Odey chicken coop plans


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AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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