Adrenaline junkie now offering Goldman bankers lessons on risk

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Remember Felix Baumgartner? He's the guy who jumped 24 miles to earth from space in return for a lot of sponsorship from Red Bull.  Known as 'Fearless Felix', his previous acts of bravery included parachuting off buildings and leaping into a 600 foot cave. During his space leap, Baumgartner was at risk of boiling blood and brain damage, among other things.  And after the leap, Baumgartner told the Financial Times it was an "uncomfortable" experience and he wouldn't be doing it again: " “I still love speed, but I want to be a helicopter pilot now,” he reflected.

Anyway... Baumgartner appears to have found an alternative to adrenaline-based pursuits. He's started offering advice on risk taking to people at Goldman Sachs. You can see him below at the firm. Goldman says he is speaking about, "the importance of calculating risk & his incredible feats." Note the interest of the man in the front row.


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