Ex-UBS banker plans to simulate beach parties in Kensington

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We already know that the men of UBS are somewhat smooth.  If you want to see their smoothness in action alongside 'film producers, athletes, fashion taste-makers' and other bankers, in a beach-like setting, all without actually leaving London, you can now do so.

As of April, ex-UBS financial institutions group banker Diego Lijtmaer, will be hosting Saturday soirees at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington.

Lijtmaer is aiming to recreate the ambience of St. Tropez, St. Barts and Monaco in the hotel. There will be palm trees. There will be organic food. There will be a sun roof. There may be flower bands and face paints.

Attendees will be expected to be stylish and to plan their outfits to perfection. This may exclude some of the more hirsute men at Goldman Sachs.

If you want to attend, you'll have to apply for an invitation. You can make your application here. 

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