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How five years in finance take their toll

After five days in finance

What will five years in a financial services career do for your appearance? What will Deutsche Bank's senior managing directors look like when they finally get their deferred bonuses in 2019? What will Andrea Orcel look like when he finally becomes CEO of UBS?

We've combed back through historic photographs of several senior bankers to establish how their visages have altered since the financial crisis (and before, in the case of Bill Gross). Brian Moynihan seems to have fared best, which goes to show that playing rugby isn't all bad.

Andrea Orcel

Aged 46, at Merrill Lynch in 2009:

Andrea Orcel 2009

Aged 51 at UBS today:


Bill Gross

Aged approximately 62 circa 2006:

Bill Gross 2

Aged 68 in 2012:

Bill Gross again

Lloyd Blankfein 

Aged 54 in 2008:

Lloyd Blankfein

Aged 59 now:

Lloyd B 2

Anshu Jain

Aged 46 in 2008:

Anshu Jain 2008

Aged 51 now:

Anshu Jain 2014

Brian Moynihan

Aged 50 in 2009:

House Holds Hearing On Bank of America-Merrill Lynch Deal

Aged 54 in 2013:

Moynihan 2013


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