Ex-Goldman trader releases video designed to irritate former colleagues and discourage students from going into banking

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Remember Anton Kreil. the former Goldman Sachs, Lehman and JPMorgan trader who provoked outrage last November when he released a presentation suggesting young traders nowadays are living hand to mouth?

He's back.

Ever keen to irritate everyone who still works in a trading job in an investment bank, Kreil has now released a series of videos which he says, "will annoy a lot of people in the industry who are very clearly living in denial about their own occupational and financial future."

Kreil's videos were filmed during a presentation to students at University College London last November. In his preamble, Kreil says (messianically) that he's there to deliver, "a message" to UCL students. He says it's a message they won't be told by bankers who come to visit them on campus, "who are pitching you essentially to go and work for corporates".

"They are basically advertising their own companies and asking you guys to come and work for them... The problem is that these guys are essentially delivering you a corporate PR message," says Kreil. "They tell you all the good stuff. What they don't tell you is the truth."

Kreil's less palatable version of what it's like to work as a trader in a bank is available below. The video is in five parts and lasts more than an hour. If you don't have that amount of time, you can always just look at the presentation, which is here and fundamentally says that banking has become a dead end career.

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