Career Crunch: The turn off of European investment banks, ridiculous pay rises for juniors

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“Persuading people to join European banks is like pushing water uphill”

In the City, Wall Street and Asia alike, investment bankers are keen to avoid European institutions.

The supremely sought-after candidates that banks in Singapore are suddenly desperate to hire

Singaporean banks are keen to hire locals, but they need to have international experience.

Day in the life of a consultant at Bain & Company

What’s it like to work for one of the world’s biggest management consulting firms?

Dubious skills that you must never include on your CV

“Bearing the pressure of work” and other supposed skills you really shouldn’t boast about.

Recruiters bemoan ‘crazy’ pay rises for analysts and associates. Banks losing out to private equity guarantees

There’s a battle going on for junior investment banking talent among private equity firms and investment banks. Pay is sky-rocketing.

Are you a top MD, a middle MD, or a grunt MD? Stop! Check your pay

All managing directors are not created equal, nor are they paid the same.

Another banker sleeping rough

Another banker will be sleeping on the streets of London. It’s not what you think.

Guess who’s covertly hiring a lot of DCM bankers, and paying them incredibly well

This bank isn’t really equated with investment banking, but it’s making a big push into DCM.

Why banking wives don’t do London

London is too expensive to keep well-heeled bankers’ wives in the style they’re accustomed to.

People should quit finance and start farming, says veteran investment banker

This senior investment banker was lucky to get his first break in the industry, but if he could do it all over again, he’d be a farmer.

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