Career Crunch: Why you look weak on email, six-figure temp jobs

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The best (and worst) ways to sign off a work email

“Ciao Ciao” not up there among the methods for demanding respect from clients and colleagues.

75 names you need to know if you want a job at BAML, UBS, and Credit Suisse

Heads of divisions, prominent recruiters and others to contact if you want to work at these banks.

Six finance jobs that pay a minimum of £1,000 a day

Contractors are still being squeezed at a lot of financial institutions, but some roles are very lucrative indeed.

High cost of living makes 90% of foreign finance professionals wary about shifting to Singapore

If you’re used to the finer things in life, it’s difficult to afford them in Singapore.

Barclays’ investment bank is currently valued at nothing at all

If Barclays is valued in line with its peers, its investment bank is worth zilch.

Is this the most simultaneously interesting and underpaid trading job in an investment bank?

This is the new hot area to base yourself in. There’s just one problem – the pay is well below that of other trading jobs.

Confessions of a former HR director from a major US investment bank

HR are pressured into the long hours culture in investment banking, even if the job doesn’t demand it.

Was this ex-head of equities at Credit Suisse too confident about his job prospects?

Self-declared desirable banker has found it tough to find and keep the right job.

How to avoid looking like an idiot when applying for your first investment banking job

A lesson in how not to apply for a job at an investment bank.

“Some FX traders at RBS are so happy with their bonuses, they’ve dropped rival job offers”

FX traders in certain banks may have had their bonuses withheld, but others have been very please indeed.

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