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Career Crunch: Junior bankers surprisingly happy, how to rock your MBA

Catch up on the most popular articles on eFinancialCareers' global network over the last seven days.

Junior bankers: “We know what we’re getting into”

In theory those starting out in investment banking have a raw deal. Many in the industry would disagree with this sentiment, however.

Brutally honest advice for incoming and outgoing MBAs

Thinking of starting an MBA? Prepare to socialise, drink and dress down.

10 tips from the clinical psychologist teaching Goldman juniors how to live their lives

If you want to succeed in your 30s, you need to set on the right track in your 20s.

The best universities for attracting the interest of investment banks, fund managers and accounting firms

You will probably have to study physics, maths or a finance subject to get on the radars of financial services firms. These are the top universities to attend, globally.

“There are more banking jobs available now than for five – or even ten – years”

2014 is proving to be something of a scorching year for financial services recruitment.

JPMorgan has just released a presentation on its investment bank. This is what you need to know

JPMorgan is hiring in some areas for its investment bank. Here’s the essential knowledge.

An insight into what it’s like to work at Goldman Sachs’ expanding Salt Lake City office

Goldman has been hiring in the low cost destination of Salt Lake City. What’s it like to work there?

The one simple mistake that could crush your chances of clinching a banking job in Asia Pacific

Western bankers shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that making the move to Asia is easy.

Recruiters confess the real reasons they ignore your resume

Recruiters will never admit this to your face, but here are some clear reasons why your CV goes straight in the bin.

Escape offshoring: Five finance-tech jobs set to stay in Singapore and Hong Kong

Singapore isn’t low cost enough for banks looking to cut IT expenditure. Here’s how to ensure your job stays put.


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