Career Crunch: Finance firms gearing up for Q2 expansion, tips on how to miss a career car crash

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Missed the articles that could make a real difference to your finance career over the past week? Fear not, catch up on the top stories on eFinancialCareers over the past seven days.

Where in the world are bonuses highest? The answer is not what you think

Where has pay been most brutally cracked down upon by the regulator? This is where bonuses are biggest.

22 financial services firms that will hire you in the second quarter

These firms are talking up expansion plans in the coming months.

The best MBA programs for a high-paying job on Wall Street

Harvard and Stanford top the generic MBA rankings, but which schools will get you a job on Wall Street?

Eight ways to avoid walking into a terrible career move

You’re about to make the leap into a new job; ensure it's not worse than the one you're leaving.

Five fabulous post-bonus banking jobs in Singapore, Hong Kong and China

Bankers in Asia are more likely to make the leap after bonuses hit their bank accounts, but this is easier said than done. Here’s where the jobs are.

Ex-Goldman trader presents cushion-heavy photographic montage of ‘Playboy lifestyle’

Nothing screams opulence and decadence like strategically placed cushions.

How to destroy your finance career in years one to five

Investment banks want to hire ‘first-bouncers’, those who are looking for a new job after a couple of years in the industry, but there are good reasons to stay put.

Cubist Systematic and other stupidly named hedge funds of the world

Hedge fund names that imply your money will be managed by someone at Crufts or who sells cheese at a farmers' market.

The warped psychology of the underpaid investment banker

Bankers are happy to take credit when their bonus goes up, but it’s absolutely not their fault if it decreases.

So, this is what happens when bonuses aren’t big enough

Equity researchers are back in demand, so Citigroup paying low bonuses to them is a bad idea.

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